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Terms and conditions

Accel HR Consulting services are subject to specific terms and conditions as mentioned below. Our conditions are subject to the jurisdiction of the laws as prescribed by the United Arab Emirates.

Website security

Individuals are required to obtain prior permission to use information from website. Interference with the website and features without consent of Accel is strictly prohibited. Information that is available on our website is copyrighted and any infringement thereon is subject to lawful proceedings. If any concerned party has gained access to relevant data such as resumes and references, it is solely for the consulting services as agreed upon by the candidates and clients.

Content security

Content that is displayed is sourced from individuals or third parties voluntarily. To access features and content of website, registration is necessary. Information collected is not altered, modified or utilised for any propaganda by us. Accel reserves the right to use any information provided by our candidates and clients. Sharing of sensitive and confidential information is restricted. The employees of Accel may access personal information for the purpose of agreed services.


All the information published or products endorsed, does not represent the views of the company. Accel shall be under no obligation to secure employment for candidates or secure manpower for our clients. Our recruitment services and support rendered to candidates are limited to employment, and limited to securing executives for our clients through headhunting. Any disputes thereafter between organisations and their employees are beyond the purview of Accel HR Consulting.

Usage of the Accel HR Consulting website is assumed to be unconditional agreement with our terms and conditions. Updates on the modifications of the terms and conditions are published for our users. Any complaints or clarifications should be brought up through with the Human Resources of Accel HR Consulting through our contact page.

Privacy policy

Accel HR Consulting is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our clients and customers in all aspects of our business operations. Strict confidentiality of sensitive and personal information is the basics of our business. We ensure complete compliance with the industry standards on protecting sensitive information identifiable with an individual or a company. Although Accel primarily collects information from individuals and clients, it may also source information from third parties based on a specific need or purpose.

Utilizing relevant information

Securing information with consent

The privacy policy of Accel sets limits on the information that we collect and store for furthering individual careers and for sourcing manpower for our clients. Our services capture some information across our customer base. To make your search easier, we collect information entered while registering, preferences, web browser settings and your login information. The information collected is utilised solely to make your Accel experience much more resourceful and productive.

For candidates – personal information that may be collected includes contact information, references uploaded and assessment results. The information collected allows Accel to provide you updates on the new opportunities that you can explore. We also use this data to monitor your progress and give guidance for your next career move.

For clients – this may include company ratings, current employees and their length of service and, invoices and purchase history with us. This information is used to build better and sustained relationship with our clients and provide better services. Our consultancy services also capitalize on this information to plan and execute effectively employment opportunities. Accel goes a step further to help you build an impeccable company profile for our headhunting services and international recruitment.

Prioritizing confidentiality

Filtering secured information

Accel has the highest level of security when it comes to weeding out sensitive information. We are responsible for the information that our candidates and clients provide us. Our privacy compliance therefore withholds and does not disclose or even stores all credit/debit cards or any identifiable details. Client and candidate safety is of utmost importance. This also extends to not sharing any information, relevant or confidential, with third parties.

Our privacy policy also dictates any use of data publicly available is only by the consent of the company and the candidate. Such information if utilised by third parties who may advertise on our site, is beyond the purview of Accel HR Consulting.


Providing complete transparency

Accel HR Consulting will not disclose any data without complete knowledge and consent of the individual unless in circumstances required by law. Consent with complete cognisance may be direct, tacit or through a designated representative . With such consent, the individual cannot hold Accel accountable.

Any individual may withdraw such consent at any time subject to reasonable notice. Acknowledgement from Accel is considered an assurance of such consent or withdrawal thereof. Continued feedback on the information available to be stored and available publicly is shared with the individuals and companies. To ensure clarity and understanding of our privacy policy and consent, Accel provides simplified detailing of the same.

We take pride in our robust privacy compliance which keeps our client and candidate's personal information safe. Any issues or clarifications regarding the same are addressed to swiftly by Accel HR Consulting on top priority.


This website and all its content is owned by Accel HR Consulting (the "Proprietor"). By accessing this site, you agree to accept and comply with all its terms, conditions and other notices of its usage outlined in this section. You agree to abide by these conditions for the use of this website. All the rights to make any amendment to these conditions are solely reserved by the Proprietor and they can make any required changes without any prior notice.

Disclaimer for content

All the content published on this site, such as graphics, text, information and other such materials are solely owned by the Proprietor and it is protected by the Copyright Laws. Any outside content displayed on the site is published with its respective source information and due credit.

As a site visitor, you agree that you will not indulge in modifying, distributing, copying, transmitting, republishing, reproducing or framing the content of this site under any circumstances, without the permission of the Proprietor. You agree that you will only utilize this site and its content for your personal information and usage, and not in any other way that violates the rights of the Proprietor in any manner.

Efforts are made to keep the site and its information up-to-date at all circumstances. However, the Proprietor is not to be held liable for unavailability, inaccuracy, any damage or loss of data, direct or indirect, under any circumstance, in connection with your usage of this site.

The unavailability of the site due to technical glitches or otherwise, is not under the liability of the Proprietor.

Disclaimer for third-party information

Outside links to the third-party sites, if any, published on this site do not indicate their authenticity, guarantee, recommendation or promotion in any manner by the Proprietor. The Proprietor is not liable for the content produced on third-party sites and any potential harm caused to you or your system by visiting such sites. The risk therefore is entirely of the site visitor.

Feedback and Support

We, at Accel HR Consulting, believe in constantly evolving ourselves along with the changing time - be it our processes, solutions, services, working style or the way we deal with our client organizations and job seeking professionals. That is why we give immense importance to genuine feedback that comes our way. You can contact us with your feedback and we promise to go through it and strive to improve in all possible ways.

In you have any queries about our services or anything else, feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you out. Our support team is always enthusiastic to answer your questions regarding our services and solutions.

Let's get in touch.

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